Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LD20080820 - Barry Carter on ORMUS - Part 2

Today's episode of Live and Direct is the second part of my interview with Barry Carter. We recap the first part, discuss his web site Subtle Energies, gardening with ORMUS, the effect it has upon the brain (coherence), ORMUS types and states, ORMUS vendors and their products, implications for power and authority structures, and, as last time, some broader spiritual and consciousness-related topics (including using ORMUS in group settings to bring about interpersonal coherence).

Today's interview is 58:52 long and 30.6MB big. As always, I welcome your comments. Please submit questions you'd like me to ask Barry in the future. You may either listen online via the link above, or download it (right-click, "Save as..."), or subscribe to the podcast to receive my show automatically in iTunes or your podcast platform of choice. Share and enjoy!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

LD20080813 - Barry Carter on ORMUS - Part 1

Today it gives me pleasure to present a live phone interview with Barry Carter of Subtle Energies fame. We discuss his personal background, his interest in ORMUS and science, some uses for ORMUS, methods of extracting it, and some broader spiritual and consciousness-related topics. Barry and I would like to continue the conversation, so stay tuned for more. If you enjoy the interview I encourage you to check out Barry's in-depth site, chock-full of descriptions, lectures, tutorials, pictures, and email lists on which other like-minded folks discuss ORMUS.

Today's interview sizes up at 57:32 and 30MB. I welcome your comments. Please also let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to ask Barry in follow-up shows. As always, you can either listen online via the link above, or download it (right-click, "Save as..."), or subscribe to the podcast to receive my show automatically in iTunes or your podcast platform of choice. Share and enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LD20080723 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 6

Part six (6) of David Hudson's 1990s talk "Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?" is upon us. This episode finishes the science and new findings segment of the lecture, and starts the historical retrospective, having a bit more of a speculative feel than the former parts. Newcomers will want to listen to parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 before this one.

Come get the mp3, 29.8MB in size and 52:57 in length. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to this series. Also in the pipeline is a phone interview with Subtle Energies' Barry Carter. Send any questions or comments for Barry to me in email.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

LD20080716 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 5

This is number 5 in a series of parts of a lecture given by David Hudson in the 1990s entitled "Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?" If you missed the other four parts, you might wish to listen to them first: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. In this part Hudson presents, with sources, compelling evidence that the white powder of gold, also known as the philosopher's stone (and by many other names through the ages), is the common thread in all the old mystery religions, Egyptian spirituality, esoteric Judaism, and in suppressed Christianity.

The ark of the covenant, the holy grail, the philosopher's stone, they all seem to be obscured in the mists and myths of history, but perhaps there is a straight path through what was once occult. Science has begun to understand the realm of the spirit. Materialism is giving way to in the face of discoveries and rediscoveries (which are now gaining traction, validity, and verifiability in the scientific world). This episode and the following few will show these connections; I hope you enjoy listening to them.

As previously mentioned, in the weeks ahead I hope to feature the current center of the ORMUS "universe", Barry Carter. In the meantime, check out his very in-depth site about ORMUS. Stay tuned for more details about his interview.

Here is the mp3 for your listening and downloading pleasure; it's 28.8MB big, 55:02 long. As always, please tell me what you think.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

LD20080709 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 4

This is part 4 in my multi-part David Hudson lecture "Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?" Parts 1, 2, and 3 may be desirable to hear before delving into this one if you are jumping in mid-series. In this part, Hudson addresses more spiritual concerns than in the prior three parts, which cover more hard science and published and peer-reviewed research.

This episode of Live and Direct is 52:40 long and takes up 28.7MB. Please download, listen, and enjoy. As always, feel free to email me.

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LD20080702 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 3

This is part 3 of my coverage of David Hudson's lecture on ORMUS entitled "Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?" If you are new to the scene, I highly encourage you to start at the beginning; check out parts one and two of this lecture before listening to this part. Furthermore, googling "David Hudson ORMUS" and perusing Barry Carter's Subtle Energies site will provide hours of reading material.

You may listen and download the show, which will net you an mp3 that is 44:43 in length and 26MB in weight. Enjoy the show, email me with your thoughts, and stay tuned for the rest.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

LD20080625 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 2

This is a continuation of last week's lecture on ORMUS/white powder gold/m-state material. It has many names in the modern parlance, but perhaps the ancients were more succinct in calling it mzkft, which translates to "what is it?" In this week's segment David elucidates more chemistry and physics behind ORMUS. Again if you are interested in what you hear, please check out Barry Carter's Subtle Energies site. I have talked to Barry and in the near future I intend to feature him on Live and Direct to talk about ORMUS. You too can be a part of this fascinating, accessible, little-understood phenomenon (especially if you live near the sea, a good source from which to extract ORMUS).

This week's episode is 29.3MB, byte-wise, and 51:15 long. I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the next part.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

LD20080618 - David Hudson - Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found - Part 1

In this episode I introduce the concept of what we in the modern day call ORMUS or white powder gold (a bit of a misnomer since it includes not only gold but also other metal group elements), or m-state materials, what alchemists called the philosopher's stone, and what in ancient times was called the manna or mzkft ("what is it?").

In the 1990s a farmer living in the southwest US named David Hudson made a mysterious discovery in the tailings of his mining expeditions. This episode is the first in a series of parts from a lecture David gave entitled "Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?"

For more (quite extensive) information, discussion and pictures relating to the ORMUS phenomenon, check out Barry Carter's site Subtle Energies. At his site are several email lists discussing the effects of ORMUS and how to make it by extracting it from natural sources.

The last 5 minutes of the show feature chanting by Dufay named "Nuper Rosarum Flores".

Listen or download to this episode here. The mp3 is 54:59 long and takes up 62.9MB. Enjoy it and stay tuned for the rest of the lecture as well as more in-depth discussion of ORMUS in the coming weeks.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tonight: Marko Rodin Live Interview (LD36)

Tonight Live and Direct will feature Marko Rodin, discoverer of Rodin "vortex-based" mathematics, the Rodin Coil, and what has been touted as nothing less than the basis for a complete revolution in our understanding of the universe and physical, as well as numerical, phenomena.

Tune in at 6pm to WRFR's stream, or catch the podcast here later.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

LD11: Live and Direct Listens IV - Ruth MacKenzie - Kalevala

Kalevala album artworkToday's episode of Live and Direct Listens features a musical interpretation of a Finnish epic poem. It's 33.6MB and 1:02:03 long. Ruth MacKenzie's album "Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden" is a mixture of Finnish and English folk song punctuated by a high pitched call named "kulning", which is actually a Finnish animal call. MacKenzie has said that in Kalevala she realized that beauty and ugliness are not too different and also that there is very little separating the earth, the animals and the human voice.

The original written work that the album is based upon is called the Kalevala, it was published in 1849 and is a collection of oral tradition which may come from as far back as pre-recorded history and include fragments as recent as the Iron Age. Part creation myth, part folk song and poetry, it has a national Finnish holiday dedicated to it (February 28th) and has influenced numerous artists, of whom Ruth MacKenzie is one.

There's an overview of the Kalevala here on wikipedia, along with the source text (in english) here on wikisource. You can buy it from Ruth on her site and also find it on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy today's show. It's a little bit different from things you normally hear on the radio, and I wanted to share it with you in the hope that it would touch something within you and awaken part of you. Thanks for listening, and please tell me what you think.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

LD10: Taxation without Legislation

This week's Live and Direct, episode number 10, is about the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and the illegal and unconstitutional federal income tax. This podcast version is 1:00:47 long and the file size is 21.9MB. The podcast includes an extra 7 minute clip at the end about so-called tax criminals who were harassed and brutalized by the IRS, including a family whose small business and personal life was scrutinized mercilessly by the IRS, though they had done no wrong and had in fact paid their taxes, and a historic celebrity boxer during WWII named Joe Lewis whose winnings, though donated entirely to others, were taxed by the IRS, putting him so deeply into debt that his once-hated opponent paid for his funeral.

Some talking points from the clips I played follow. Remember:
  • The 16th Amendment was never legally ratified by the states.
  • The federal income tax is a direct, unapportioned tax, which is illegal as per the Constitution.
  • As Catherine Fitts (former Assistant Secretary of Housing) explained, the government's use of tax money is not reported, nor will they disclose the breakdown of their expenditures upon request, as they are legally required to do.
  • The federal income tax money you pay only goes to the U.S. debt, as Reagan's investigative commission found.
  • "Income" is undefined in the tax code, though it is defined in the Constitution (the definition of which the tax code contradicts).
  • Income is not wages or labor, it is gains from corporate activity (as defined in the Constitution).
  • Your labor is your private property, as per the Supreme Court.
  • The 16th Amendment (which was never legally ratified, remember) gave no new powers of taxation.

So, if former IRS agents and government officials are no longer paying taxes, why are we? If tens of millions of people do not pay taxes (so says Sherry Jackson, former IRS agent) because they do not wish to continue propping up this illegal and unconstitutional perversion of governmental authority, why should we?

Also, I missed this the first time: If you are audited, put in a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request asking to be shown applicable statutes and laws under which your income is taxed and the records substantiating the audit.

Check out filmmaker Aaron Russo's site As I previously mentioned, there are news updates, blog entries, and video interviews there. You can watch the film online if you have a broadband connection. You may also rent or buy the movie on DVD. You should also check out David Champion's site An article on the America Patriot Friends Network site has some interesting things to say about taxation. Googling "How to STOP the IRS" cd will turn up some interesting research that a fellow named Eugene Kernan has compiled on exactly what to send the government to get them off of your trail as far as taxes. He wants $400 for the CD of materials, research, and instructions. While I understand he has gone to some effort to make this information available, $400 is expensive for a CD. I'll try to see if I can turn it up for less than that; I'll keep you posted. Furthermore, as you can see by searching the Internet, there have been many individual victories over the IRS as well as Supreme Court decisions recognizing the illegality of the federal income tax. The problem is that the lower courts do not recognize this. The more people that help make their others, the media, and their elected officials aware of this sham, the closer we will come to turning the tide of coercion foisted upon the American people.

Some people say two things are inevitable: death, and taxes. Myself, I'm not so sure about the latter.

Thanks for listening. Please weigh in with your thoughts on this or any of my topics.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

LD3 reloaded: Weather++

This week I replayed my third show (Weather), and as an added bonus at the end I played a medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World by a young Canadian singer named Aselin Debison. It would be redundant to put up the episode again, so instead I'll just direct you to the original podcast episode of Weather (45:18, and 41.5MB) and to Aselin's song Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (5:20, 7.3MB) from her 2002 debut Sweet is the Melody, recorded when she was 12 years old. Some people have mistaken her for Norah Jones in this song, but I actually prefer her version over Jones'.

The episode I intended for this week was, in part, delayed by weather (specifically, high winds ripping part of my roof off), making this an appropriate episode to rebroadcast. Stay tuned next week for fresh new content.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

LD9: Live and Direct Listens III - NetPD CD 1 (Dub Area) - Massively Multiplayer Online Music

Dub Area album artwork, PD style baybee!Click, download, listen! Live and Direct number 9 (Live and Direct Listens ep #3) has arrived. It's 48.9MB, and 56:10 long. In it, I featured an album composed in real time on the Internet by a group of musicians collaborating with some software called NetPD. NetPD in turn relies on PD, which is a graphical programming language particularly suited to music synthesis and composition, but also extensible to video and other forms of data, hence the name "Pure Data".

The album is "dub" in style, featuring samples and loops that wind here and there at the whim of the collective controlling them. I played most of it, sans the last bit, which I had to cut for time constraints whilst on-air. If you wish to listen to it, you can find the whole thing here as an mp3. It's 72.1MB and 1:18:44 long, and the bit that I cut starts at 1:08:03 and goes till the end.

If you're interested in playing around with PD, you should check out the main site listed above as well as other sites on the PD webring. PD comes in Mac, Windows, and Linux flavors, so chances are it's compatible with your hardware. There's also a book, which gives some of the philosophy and context of PD's development as well; you can download the whole thing in pdf format here. Wrap your mind around the idea, install PD, download some other people's patches (PD programs are called patches), and then give it a whirl. It's free, you're bored, go create something!

As always, feel free to let me know what you think. In the future (given a large enough listenership) I'd love to do an experiment in live radio where you, the listener get to influence the music going live on the air. Whether this is via a web browser which interfaces with PD behind the scenes, or some such similar arrangement, I think it'd be fun.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

LD8: Stop the Fed!

new US$20 bill
monopoly money

Live and Direct episode #8 has arrived. It features background and critical analysis concerning the Federal Reserve System, why it is illegal and unconstitutional, and why it must be abolished. This episode runs for 55:33, and is 50.9MB. For your convenience, the times listed below in parentheses indicate the start and end of each segment.

The song I played is Money For Nothing, by Dire Straits (it's between 01:12 and 09:12).

I then played the intro to Aaron Russo's documentary "America: Freedom to Fascism" (09:48 to 13:30). "Freedom to Fascism" is a timely, shocking expose of the duplicitous and corrupt nature of not only the Federal Reserve, but also the IRS and the federal income tax. You may watch a low-quality version of it here on Google Video, see it in select theatres, rent it, or buy it directly from Aaron's site. Aaron also maintains a blog on the site with timely news, interviews, and commentary.

Next up is a 2002 speech before Congress by Ron Paul, current Presidential hopeful and monetary-reform advocate (14:05 to 19:22). You may watch it on YouTube or read it at the House's web site as well.

I followed Ron Paul's speech with another excerpt from "Freedom to Fascism" detailing the creation of the Federal Reserve, its unconstitutionality, and the ways in which it harms the American people and government (20:24 to 33:44).

Lastly I read from Dr. Cleon W. Skousen's publication "The Urgent Need for a Comprehensive Monetary Reform". I have included it here on my site (in an easy to read and print PDF format) as the original at the National Center for Constitutional Studies seems to be defunct. You may check out the table of contents, the first section "Development of the United States Monetary System", the second section "How the Federal Reserve System Operates and Why it Has Failed", or the third and final section "Providing the United States with a Sound Money System". I retrieved the above linked pages with the help of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, mentioned in my show as a handy online research tool.

I continue to delve into the conspiracies by a powerful few elite bent on controlling and dominating the rest of the people, aided by money-hungry politicians, complicit industries, and helped along here and there by a few sad historical accidents. Please stay tuned to Live and Direct for more provocative and imperative issues. Listen to WRFR locally in Midcoast Maine at 93.3 and 99.3FM, online, or subscribe to my podcast and listen at your convenience using your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player. As always, please email me with what's on your mind. It's a pleasure to produce this show, and I'd love your feedback.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

LD7: Hypothetical Real Genius Soundtrack

Real Genius movie poster

A scant week later, it's time for Live and Direct, episode #7. This week I've assembled a hypothetical soundtrack to the 80's comedy Real Genius, starring Val Kilmer. I say "hypothetical" because there was never an official soundtrack, however many fans have compiled their own lists of songs heard in the movie. This week's show is 44.5MB and runs for 50:36.

The playlist for the show is below, along with the point in time at which each song starts (minutes:seconds). The only song played in the movie that is not included is Tonio K's "The Tuff Do What", as it is unreleased and apparently unavailable in the wild. (however, if you have it, please, please send me a copy?)
  1. You Took Advantage of Me - Carmen McRae, 01:31
  2. I'm Falling - The Comsat Angels, 03:32
  3. Number One - Chaz Jankel, 08:01
  4. All She Wants to Do Is Dance - Don Henley, 11:50
  5. One Night Love Affair - Bryan Adams, 17:01
  6. The Walls Came Down - The Call, 21:26
  7. Pleasure Seekers - The System, 25:47
  8. Standing in the Line - The Textones, 30:25
  9. Summertime Girls - Yesterday & Today, 34:51
  10. You're the Only Love - Paul Hyde and the Payola$, 38:25
  11. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears, 44:16

a Real Genius sequel? What you say? That's right, at the end of last year multiple news sites, wikipedia, and blogs were reporting that Val Kilmer has announced a desire to reprise his role as Chris Knight in a sequel to the original Real Genius. A fan has started a site dedicated to this hypothetical sequel. We'll see how that pans out. I suppose it could work, though I'm leery of sequels by default.

If you haven't seen the movie, you should. In the immortal words of Chris Knight, it's a moral imperative!

Enjoy this "what if" soundtrack, and as always, please let me know what you think.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

LD6: Ending the Endless War

This, the sixth episode of Live and Direct is now available for your consumption and critical analysis. It's me, interviewing protestors and activists who were at last Sunday's demonstration and who are involved with several local organizations whose causes include pro-impeachment, anti-war, and pro-peace groups. This episode is 53MB and features 57:56 of thoughtful, non-mainstream political discussion. What follows is an annotated timeline.

I first interviewed Sue Ferra (at 1:33) and George Miller (at 2:58) at the From Every Village Green protest on Sunday.

NOTE: in the show I got the percentage wrong of Americans who would favor impeachment, given Bush's lies about the war. It was actually 53% in favor of impeachment vs. 42% against. For details, see Majority of Americans Support Impeachment.

As George suggests, you should google "federal reserve bank ownership" and read for yourself the history and true nature of what many Americans assume is a branch of their government.

Here is a 2002 speech by Congressman Ron Paul advocating the abolishment of the Fed. For those of you who prefer to watch a video, here you go.

The solitary, yet appropriate song I played during the show is Deirdre Flint's "Presidential Succession". Should you wish to listen, it's from 12:42 to 15:40. Deirdre also has a podcast.

The two people I interviewed on the air were Deb Atwell and Steve Burke. Deb is the local contact for Maine Impeach, and Steve is one of the original founders of the Midcoast Peace and Justice Group. Midcoast Peace and Justice holds meetings at 7PM on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Rockland. They are free and open to the public.

Both Maine Impeach and Midcoast Peace and Justice will provide pro-impeachment stickers and yard signs, should you desire that.

There are many such groups around Maine. The two largest are Peace Action Maine in Portland, and the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine in Bangor. An umbrella organization is the Maine Coalition for Peace and Justice.

I had a first for Live and Direct, a caller expressing her views. The transcript of that segment is below: (this exchange happens between 29:48 and 31:29, for those of you eager to hear it)
Female Caller: I'm a Republican, and I think George Bush is the best president we've ever had, and this is all just a bunch of crap.

Kim: Well, I understand those are your political views and you're welcome to them. We have the people that we're interviewing, and they're welcome to theirs as well.

Caller: Let me just say: George Bush is only against slackers and sinners and terrorists, so if you don't like him, which one of the three are you?

Steve: I guess I can try and answer the lady's question, or at least give my spin on it. I don't think George Bush is a Republican at all. I think the Bush administration is pretty much run by neo-conservatives and they've defied most of the tenets of the Republican party. Most Republicans aren't really thrilled with the ideas of military adventurism, they support fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget, in the Reagan tradition they're against increasing the size of the federal bureaucracy, and the Bush administration has failed at all of this. I think that true Republicans are going to be severing ties with this administration pretty fast come election time.

Caller: Twenty years from now when they blow us all up, you'll remember that, and you'll say George Bush was a good president.

Kim: Thank you for your call.

I thank everyone that took the time to talk to me for their thoughts and criticism, opinions and analysis of the most important—but least aired, in mainstream media—political issue of our time. As always, I welcome your dialogue and criticism. If you are so inclined, please contact me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LD5: Live and Direct Listens II - ESCM - BT

ESCM album artwork
Behold, Live and Direct #5.
This, the second episode of Live and Direct Listens, and the 5th episode of Live and Direct, is upon us. This too-long-for-the-air, uncompromising, special podcast version runs for one hour, ten minutes, and seventeen seconds, and will set you back 64.4 megabytes of disk space.

Today's featured Listen is ESCM by BT (also known as Brian Transeau). This album was released in 1997 following his debut album Ima. The US version (featured in this podcast) included the track "Lullaby for Gaia" (5:26); in the UK, the track included instead was "The Road to Lostwithiel" (8:38), which I have not heard but will attempt to dig up.

I didn't have time to play tracks 5 and 6 ("Memories In A Sea Of Forgetfulness" and "Solar Plexus") on air, but I've inserted them in the proper place in the podcast, thanks to Audacity, a podcaster's best friend.

BT rose to fame in the late Nineties and helped define the sub-genre of Electronica called Trance (specifically "Dream Trance"). His albums, however, often avoid categorization and jump genres happily. He has created and employed several production effects, notably the "Stutter Edit" and "Break Tweaker", which are both slated to be released by BT's software venture this year. Speaking of software, BT codes much of the software used to produce his music himself, by hand. Check out some of the interesting trivia and hard-core geekiness behind his latest effort, This Binary Universe. On a more domestic note, "BT has said that the album has a lullaby-like quality, inspired by his newborn daughter, Kaia, who sat on his lap throughout most of the song writing process." [from this Wikipedia article]

As one of my listeners noted, sadly, BT's studio was recently burglarized again (the first time was in 2001), and hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment stolen. This includes the data for his current show. On his site, Transeau discusses his intent to create a non-profit dedicated to helping musicians recover stolen gear and also to providing equipment to aspiring musicians who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

If you have ideas for future Listens, please email me. Good night, and enjoy.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

LD4: Live and Direct Listens - Chill Out - The KLF

Chill Out album artwork
Live and Direct episode 4
is available for you to download and enjoy. It's 44.4MB in size, and 48 minutes and 24 seconds long. Live and Direct Listens is a new series on my show where I'll play cohesive albums in their entirety, as they were meant to be heard. This week's album is Chill Out, by the KLF.

I prefer to listen to this album at night, because of the atmosphere and mood it evokes. It brings to mind a road trip through the Deep South, which was the artists' intent:
I've never been to those places. I don't know what those places are like, but in my head, I can imagine those sounds coming from those places, just looking at the map.

Chill Out is one of my favorite ambient albums of all time, by one of my favorite artists of all time. Let me know what you think of it, and if you have any suggestions for future albums to feature on Live and Direct, drop me a line.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LD3: Weather

Here is my third episode of Live and Direct. This one clocks in at 45:18 long, and 41.5MB big.

This show is about weather, specifically of the man-made variety.

Here's the playlist of songs:
  • They Might Be Giants - The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas
  • The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men
  • Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb

Here are some pictures demonstrating atmospheric phenomena that most people would agree are beyond the common understanding of meteorology:
  • holes punched out of clouds:
    holecloud_knain.jpg horseshoe bay, tx.jpg skyholes.us4.3.3.jpg holes_alto_!.jpg Wow1_cichokann_!.JPG

  • geometric cloud patterns:
    03.jpg 04.jpg Italy%20May05.jpg

  • wave fronts in existing clouds made by scalar weather manipulation (clouds aren't supposed to have r-r-r-ridges):
    ct.ww.27.1.04.jpg image004.jpg horseshoe bay, tx.jpg weatherwar11.03.jpg 04b.jpg DSCN4059z.jpg DSC_8674.jpg

  • "boiling sky/boiling clouds" - I saw this phenomenon, along with many other people, at the 2005 Common Ground fair in Unity, ME. Check out my gallery of weird weather from 9/25/05. Regretfully those pictures are terribly overexposed, but I have increased the contrast so you might be able to see the "artificial domes" in the cloud bottoms that fair attendees saw that day. Compare the relatively normal clouds in the first picture (taken at about 12:30pm) with the rest of the pictures (taken roughly two hours later).


    an image of the same phenomenon from Barium Blues
    boiling sky 1

I talked about a number of web sites and people in the show, and here are links to some of them:

Once again, thanks for listening to my show. I welcome any feedback you have. Keep looking up and don't lose your sense of wonder. Also, feel free to send me pictures of strange weather phenomena that you have witnessed. As Lao Tzu said, "The master observes the world, but trusts his inner vision."

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

LD2: Auddities

Here is Live and Direct episode #2, "Auddities" in a slightly edited podcast (i added two songs; think of it as the Deluxe Remastered Podcast Edition). It weighs in at 62.5MB and clocks in at 1:08:15. (I ran over due to excess blabbing... good thing the hosts of the show after mine couldn't make it :)

"Auddities" = "audio" + "oddities". These run the gamut from odd sounds to unusual production techniques to strange content. I divided the show up into the following sections, each followed by the approximate starting time (should you wish to skip to a particular section):
  1. Introduction, 0:00:00
  2. Algorithmic music, 0:00:42
  3. MIDI music, 0:04:52
  4. Tracked music, 0:10:20
  5. Sample-heavy music, 0:19:35
    (note for upstate NY peeps: Rochester/Vertex shoutout @0:33:30)
  6. Digitally produced music, 0:34:00
  7. Numbers stations (The Conet Project PDF; music: disc 1, disc 2, disc 3, disc 4), 0:42:40
  8. Natural phenomena (Electric Enigma PDF; music: disc 1, disc 2), 0:50:10
  9. Music about odd things, 0:54:46
  10. Wrap-up, 1:07:18

The playlist for this show is as follows:
  1. A Poke Cheer (links 1, 2, and 3), Atari basic source code by Lloyd Burchili
  2. Rule 150 Binary, Java source code by Paul Reiners (IBM)
  3. *Rule 150 All Binary, Java source code by Paul Reiners (IBM)
  4. Fanfare, Ultima 3: Exodus, composed by Kenneth W. Arnold
  5. Towns, Ultima 3: Exodus, composed by Kenneth W. Arnold
  6. Bubble Bobble theme, composed by David Whittaker, Tim Follin, and Peter Clarke
  7. M.U.L.E. theme, composed by Roy Glover
  8. Runaway Scales, composed by U4ia
  9. Gods theme, Nation 12 (composed by "John Foxx"/Dennis Leigh)
  10. The Queen and I, 1987, KLF
  11. House of the Dead, The Big Cahoona, Sequencial
  12. Anna Denies Tattoo Rumor, Purveyors of Reason and Law, Quelnt (8bit peoples), Irdial-Discs
  13. IiPP Three, Islets in Pink Polypropylene, Anthony Manning, Irdial-Discs
  14. The Lincolnshire Poacher, The Conet Project, Irdial-Discs
  15. Phonetic Alphabet NATO, The Conet Project, Irdial-Discs
  16. Fish Rock Road Whistler Shower, Electric Enigma, Stephen McGreevy, Irdial-Discs
  17. Eves River Auroral Chorus, Electric Enigma, Stephen McGreevy, Irdial-Discs
  18. *The Power of Lard [explicit lyrics], Power of Lard, Lard
  19. Plea From a Cat Named Virtue, Reconstruction Site, The Weakerthans

* only on the Deluxe Remastered Podcast Edition

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