Solarized for jQuery Mobile

I'm proud to present a byproduct of the overhaul of my site, the Solarized colorscheme adapted to jQuery Mobile's theme engine: Solarized for jQuery Mobile.

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of two parts; I feel that way about the marriage of these two projects. jQuery Mobile is a great mobile-focused and responsive framework. Solarized is a wonderful color palette that has been put to scores of uses. Together, they could rule the world (or at least make for a good-looking website).

Unifying the Light and Dark

In keeping with Ethan Schoonover's goals for Solarized, I've equipped my theme with both light and dark variants. The background colors and accent colors harmonize equally well whether they are presenting dark content on a light background (as on this site) or light content on a dark background (as in the dialogs and active states on this site).

Accent Colors

I've put together color swatches for each accent color in Solarized, plus a monotone (greyscale) swatch, both on light and dark backgrounds, for a total of 18 swatches (lettered from A – R):

Go Git It

If you are curious and would like to take a gander at it, I've made a Github repo for my theme. Please feel free to make use of it in your projects.